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Luxurious cockpitEach Olympic operates with custom-designed wiring harness and colour coding system. All connectors are machine-crimped for long term reliability and quick-connect for ease in servicing . Each dash panel is built using some of the best materials available.

Waterproof switches with twin illuminated lighting lets you know when each function is activated. Advanced thermal circuit breakers also remove the need for you to carry fuses.




stainless hardwareDeck and hull hardware (cleats, hinges, hand rails, bow rails, screws etc.) are made from 316 stainless steel and through bolted with self-tapping nuts for better toughness. Olympic uses top quality, brand name components.






UpholsteryThe process of upholstery first starts with the plastic and marine-plywood panels. Once cut, each part is sanded to remove any sharp edges. At the same time starts the sewing process.The materials are cut and sewn together with accuracy. Olympic uses nylon thread that withstands the harsh marine environment and will not rot.

Luxurious, heavy marine-grade vinyls are used to cover all of the upholstery. This finish gives superior resistance to stains, easier clean up than conventional vinyl and stay new-looking longer. Once the panels and the sewing are complete, they are joined together. In this stage we use high density foam and stainless steel staples to join the two.

WindshieldNext, curved safety-glass windshields with aluminium frame are installed. On centre console boats, a solid acrylic windshield is used. Seats, side panels and cushions are then put into place, together with the marine carpet in the cabin models.

At this point, the deck and hull of each boat receive their second inspection. The finished interior is inspected as well.




Finishing touchTowards the end, the boat is finished with striping. The boat is now ready for final testing. A final quality checklist takes place to ensure that the boat is complete and fully functional before it leaves the plant. This final check includes among others, electrical wiring and fuel tank testing to insure tank integrity.




Loaded!Finally, all finished boats are loaded with care securely and shipped immediately after production to our dealers.







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