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Olympic Boats 450 CC

  450 CC

The 450 series of Olympic Boats is the optimum cost-benefit choice for a boat used for fishing and pleasure.

Like all Olympic Boats models, the 450 series is designed and manufactured with close attention to every detail. The boat's finish is the first to prove the high quality of construction and materials. In terms of safety, the Olympic 450 is unsinkable according to the European standards.

Additionally, the modern design of the V-type hull allows the 450 to run smoothly with small horsepower engines, reducing so the total cost of acquisition and also fuel consumption.

The Olympic 450 is available in two basic editions, the models 450 Fx and 450 CC. At the same time, you have the option to adjust each model to your own personal requirements, as indicatively displayed in these pages. In the bow of the 450 CC model and under the front and side seats, a large, unified storage space is available with locking option.

Furthermore, the 450 series is offered with console in the standard edition for additional comfort, while there is alternatively the option for tiller handled engine for lower cost. And of course, every 450 is covered with the 5-year hull warranty of Olympic Boats for maximum assurance.

Olympic 450. Never before had a so small boat so much to offer!


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